I’m a Proud mom of a FIDM Graphic Design Student with GREAT Talent. I am an avid photographer, have a Huge passion for fashion. My start in the fashion Industry @17 was cut short when I had a stroke at the age of 20. I dabbled in it off & on til I was 23, but could never get well enough to continue full-time. I was accepted at FIDM myself at 19, but due to my poor health @the time couldn’t attend. For the last 24 yrs my passion has ONLY grown for the Fashion World, fashion was my SAVING GRACE! It was Always my Inspiration & means of Staying Positive to get me thru whatever (-) news about my health was going to be delivered. I thank the Fashion Industry for being kind enough to me @17 that it made a mark on my Life that has Always made me strive to want more!

Thank You Every Fashionista, Photographer, Writer, Editor, Designer & Model out there who continues to write Amazing Blogs & post Beautiful/Unique Photographs, design & show Phenomenal Fashion!! I didn’t get to fulfill My dream in Fashion but, Now thanks to technology, I can live through YOU!! I DREAM of writing a blog of some sort involving Fashion & its (+) influence in my life daily, I just don’t quite know how to start…Please be Patient & Bare with Me! You can even Pass on some “know how” if you want..:0)

I LOVE to travel & have always wanted to intern or help in any way  “Shape or Form” in the fashion world if anyone would love-making my DREAMS come true, let me know…XoXo…

Live Life Love God Have Faith Love Fashn & Have Fun
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