Okay, can I just say I am so thankful for a New Year Redo! Woooohoooo!! Thank you China, I was in total need of this.  What is it that we women normally do before the new year? (any holiday for that matter)We Pamper ourselves, go get our hair done and our nails did, lol, and GO SHOPPING!!!!!! Heck I’ll use any excuse I can to go shopping, shoot I don’t even need an excuse, I go shopping just because it’s one of the things I’m BEST at. Fashion is the one thing that makes things better. It’s always changing and you can express yourself any way you feel. There’s no right or wrong way in Fashion.  Now there’s the do and don’t list but  you’re free to express your style in your own way. To each his own!

So, what did I do You ask? My cousin called and was going to get her hair done so I said, hey can she fit me in? Sure enough she said come on in, so I did and I told her to ‘Surprise Me, I’m in need of Inspiration’, just do whatever! (pretty gutsy I’d say) But, I LOVE IT! Now I’m a New Woman ready to start my New Year! This time my friends I’ve got a New attitude to go along with it!  I’m no longer gonna be that doormat everyone decides to stop and wipe their feet on before they decide to walk all over it! I’m sticking up for myself and going to put forth an effort to be an even stronger person.


It's Short!!!!!

Since things didn’t quite turn out the way they were originally planned at the start of my new year I figured this was a sign.

Starting over gives me a good reason to reevaluate the issues that have arisen since the old New year and to figure out a new concept of dealing with specific “issues”. The “issues” that in turn damaged the start of what was to be a New Life for me, putting to rest the years of added stress and anxiety. We were to move to a new house where we were going to start a New Chapter, it was to be a new journey in the Book of Life‘s many Adventures. Well, that hasn’t quite happened and it’s actually been the exact opposite, kinda like a Black Hole where you can’t see the end, it just keeps going and going and going. But from this day forward, I am a New Woman!
Here’s to the Year of Great Prosperity and Good Luck!!