I love me some Grungy Gentleman on a daily basis, but I LOVE it even more when Andrew Mukamal & his Unbelievable Closet of Extraordinary fashion is featured, (loving the Vintage Dior backpack and Missoni x converse.)

I’ve always thought it would be great to be a fly on the wall at Peoples Revolution. I would love to see his daily attire, his style intrigues me (not to mention the many other Wonderful reasons, like the Incredibly Inspirational Kelly Cutrone.) I love his personality and Kelly’s outspoken, straight to the point, No Bull-shit attitude, hence “If you’re gonna cry, go outside…,” by Kelly Cutrone! Also, don’t forget to pick up her new book, “Normal Gets You Nowhere” April 26, 2011, you can buy both @Amazon.com.

You know, I was never considered Normal and to be honest I’m glad. I would rather be considered abnormal than blend in with everyone else. As my sons T-shirt design says, “Don’t Blend GLOW”… his motto is “Don’t blend with the rest Glow like the Best.”

I was always that girl people couldn’t wait to see, wondering what I was going to look like, what I’d be wearing when I got to school, a party, a  job… I was considered “different”, “weird”, “abnormal”. I’ve always had a very outgoing personality, I keep people on their toes.  Again, I was considered all the fore mentioned above along with “hyper”, or a question of “ What are You on, can I have some?” There Never was and still isn’t  a dull moment when I’m around people say. I can always bring people out of their funk and put a smile on their face. I was an Inspiration to my sons mantra, or so I’d like to think, lol. I’ve just Always preferred to be happy rather than sad, good rather than bad. What did Mae West say,” When I’m good I’m good but when I’m bad I’m even better.”

I saw a quote today on Twitter, sorry I can’t remember who Tweeted it at the moment, but it went something like this, “…There are no more hours in a bad day than there are in a good one”  So the way I take that is why bother to sulk and have a bad day when you can enjoy a good one! Turn you’re frown upside down, make light of every situation, try to find the good in all things…think Positive!

When I watched “Kell on earth” on Bravotv, I loved all their straight forward personalities.  I couldn’t wait to see what was next. They were so great to watch at work, they were doing something I could only wish I would have been able to do. It’s very hard, competitive work with long hours but I would still give my right arm to work for Kelly Cutrone, even if only for a day. I’d like to be an intern, be her gopher, do whatever it is for her & her company that she would allow me to do. I’d pick up her dry cleaning, go to Shake Shack, get lunch… It would be a dream being able to do something in the Fashn World, not to mention for the Greatest PR woman in Fashn. I love her as a mother, a strong business woman, a great book writer and just her overall personality. She is my Inspiration!

This is the part where I try not to get bummed out not being able to be the person I always wanted to be.  If I didn’t have health issues I know that I would be doing something in the Fashn world, not quite sure what, but it would be something in Fashn. So for now, I practice my photography which I would love to learn more about, I indulge in Fashn sites and go window shopping. I’m teaching myself how to do different multi-media art and I’m reading everything I can imagine that comes out in Fashn. Oh, and trying to learn how to Blog.

I want to say Thank you again to All of the Fashion Industry for giving me inspiration that helps keep me positive enough to stay alive and striving forward when the going gets tough. I’m thankful for each and every day I am given. I face each day like the glass is half full not empty. I look forward to each one knowing there’s always going to be new Fashn for me to embark upon.

You all keep me focused and Inspired, my family & myself can’t thank you enough, Fashn for me is Therapy!

…<3 God …<3 Life …<3 Fashn  …<3 Fun