Well, its been awhile!!  It’s a New Year and I’m hoping Everyone involved can start fresh with positive thoughts and a New Attitude.

Life with Lupus is not fun! Life with Fibromyalgia is not fun! Life with a heart that beats irregular, too hard and too fast ALL the time, is not fun! Life with constant pain from back surgery nerve damage, is not fun! Life with Constant Migraine Headaches, is not fun! Life with the worry I could have another STROKE and this time not recover as well, is not fun!….This is My Life with Sneddons Syndrome and It Is Not Fun!

Regardless of how my health may be, I’m Excited to be starting out 2011 with a new Adventure ahead. We’ve been packing and have moved our stuff out of one house into the garage of our New one…Yahoo! It’s Exciting, but I’ve done way to much.

Packing and moving our stuff into a smaller place is trying. It’s not completely finished with electrical and a few other minimal things. I have managed to Overdue it, I’ve pushed to get things done and in turn it’s now going to set me back because I’ve made myself sick.  I find myself feeling guilty if I’m not doing something to help.  I wish there were ways that I could take the load off of my Husband.  He has worked so hard  building the new house with his own hands & I’m so proud of him. I’ve come to finally understand that it’s not just hurting me if I overdue it, but my husband and family too.

Even though, the house is much smaller, I feel it’s a way for us to finally SIMPLIFY our lives.  I find that the so-called, stuff, we manage to accumulate in our lifetime just ends up dragging us down. The More you have the More you want! I have found that having so MUCH when it comes to things, makes life much more Chaotic.  When you have too much and not enough space to put it is CHAOS!

I know that with my health being CHAOTIC in itself, I need to lead a very Stress Free Simplistic life.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to dive into the wonderful world of Fashn and Decorating while I try to recuperate. It’s gonna be just me and my Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest & of course my Allure & Marie Claire for the next few days.

Our house is empty, but the walls have been beautifully painted, the bath tile picked out and placed, granite done and Espresso colored cabinets have been hung.  The electrical is being finished and fixtures put up and he may even hang the new front door.  It’s an exciting  journey to do your house from scratch, a long process but exciting  journey nonetheless.

We have about a week before we can move our FEW things inside, so in the meantime were going to be sleeping in our motor home.  It’s been raining hard for a week and been pretty cold for this area, but its suppose to be sunny after tonight.  (So the weatherman says) Lets just hope they’re right, the rain puts a damper on moving!!  I’m very excited and keep my mind focused on the adventures to come for this new year!  I’m praying my health gets better so that I can enjoy the decorating of our house.  God is so good and I’m very fortunate to be Blessed with an Incredibly supportive husband.

…I have Faith that I’m gonna have better days

…I miss indulging in the Fabulous Fashn World

…I’m ready to get on with this New Fashn Filled Faithful Fun Life in good ole’ 2011

ELEVEN 11=(Twin Towers) has Always been my favorite number!!..that alone let’s me know it’s gonna be Fantastic, not to mention my attitude and outlook is one to be reckoned with, I’m goin’ All Out Baby!!!!

…<3 God …<3Fashn