So far today has started off as an Ehh day because I went to bed in a bad state!  The one thing I’ve always said should Never be done, just as it says in Scripture,…”Never let the sun go down on Your ANGER” well, guess what, I did!!

I woke up today wanting it to be a better day than the night ended,  so I’m making a conscious effort to get into the “Positive state of mind”, rather the easy way out and pull the SILENT TREATMENT!  I know now from experience that staying angry only causes Me Pain and Anguish.  When a person holds on to anger it manifests its way into an “ailment” of sorts, so for someone like me who has Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Migraines and Heart issues, that my friends could be the worst thing.  I’m dealing with these aggravating  health issues EVERY single day and all I want when I wake up is to…just Have a good day!

So today, at this moment, I’m going to be optimistic, Sucking it up, and putting on my Smiley face.  I am already feeling the tension in my neck and the rapid heart rate and I’m not gonna end up with another Migraine.

Today, my friends is a new day!…I got my new Marie Claire magazine yesterday and I’m gonna be heading out to Macy’s ~Yahoo!…I’m feeling better already!Again, I’m going forth by Faith, putting all my worries aside.  I don’t need any other reasons to add to my exhausting Pain as it is!   Fashion 2 the Rescue!

…Love God  …Love Life