I don’t know what it is about putting on a pair of heels, but it sure does make a whole other statement!!

I say all women no matter what their age should take the advice from Janie in Glamour magazines November issue…“Dress everything up. Even if you’re wearing jeans, slip into heels. They change your stature and accentuate your derriere.” -Janie Bryant

Not only is it a Stature Statement that says Strong and Confident, but our bust size looks bigger & Uplifted and as Janie says, slipping on a pair of Heels accentuates our derriere! Now if you ask me this can only be a Positive! So come on girls, Dress it Up!! Who knew it could be so easy to create a Stronger more Confident statement. Lets put a lift in our walk and some stature in our Stance…Ladies, its all in the HEELS! Now grab a Pair and Lets GO!!